Which product is the most downloaded and fastest growing game?

Which product is the most downloaded and fastest growing game?

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2023-02-04 11:39:51

Market analysis company Sensor Tower has published information on the most prominent products with new updated data from the end of 2022.

According to the report, the market is not in the best shape right now. After years of rapid growth, it shows clear signs of stagnation. Sales from the App Store and Google Play generated a total of 35.5 billion, lower than in 2021 (down 0.1%). Even promising regions like Vietnam and Brazil experienced significant declines year-on-year: installs fell 13% and 5.3%, respectively.

The gaming segment is affected by this trend. Gamers on the App Store brought in only 1.91 billion downloads (down 6.9%). Gamers on Google Play downloaded the game 11.69 billion times (a slight increase of 0.6%).

Games with the highest downloads.

The most downloaded games are popular ones like Subway Surfers, Garena Free Fire and Roblox (the success of Subway Surfers is unprecedented, the game was released 11 years ago and still holds the number one spot. about downloads).

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t new products among the top spots. If we look at the top 20 games by downloads, we find that half of the list comes out as games released in 2022. What’s more, if we split the total top rankings By platform and by country, you’ll find that new (or recently popular) titles easily succeed at the regional level.

For example, in the US top 3 chart, there are two new releases, Gas and the action game Survivor!.io. Both were commercially successful. There is also Vampirior Survivors, one of the brightest independent releases. In Europe, in the top 3 overall, we can only find one new game, Stumble Guys. Developed by Finnish studio Kitka Games, it is also the mobile version of the popular PC game, Fall Guys.

In Asia, looking at the top games on the App Store, the top spot is held by Eggy Party, NetEase’s new game, based on the hit game Fall Guys. So in the download rankings, there are still plenty of opportunities for recently released games. In general, the old/newcomer ratio is the same in most regions.

Stumble Guys was named the most successful game of 2022 by downloads. The analytics team reports that Stumble Guys is the fastest growing game and app in 2022 by downloads. It generated 140.4 million installs around the world in 12 months. Most come from Latin America (52.5 million) and Europe (36 million).

In Asia, the game is not as popular as it is in Latin America or Europe but the majority of downloads come from Indonesia (27 million). The game also reached around 25 million in Brazil. Overall, Stumble Guys ranks in the top five games by downloads in most regions of the world. In terms of revenue, the Stumble Guys also boast that the United States alone made $18.1 million in 2022. Brazil came in second with $7.4 million, followed by Italy with $6.2 million. la.

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