White Shadows – Game Review

White Shadows – Game Review

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2021-12-21 01:01:37

White Shadows Between light and darkness, there will be people who prefer to live in the light, there will be people who prefer to live in the dark, but no one likes to live completely in the light or in the dark.

White Shadows is an experience of light and darkness, of real chains and virtual freedom, of light weighing on people, of darkness as a dwelling place for the weak.

The game comes from the studio Monokel (Germany), a team of 6 people who are passionate about creativity and dedication have overcome difficulties, barriers, heavy darkness and bright light. them, to be able to bring such a beautiful story to this chaotic world.

Join rvgamepc.asia as Raven Girl finds freedom in this hell of contrasts.



The identity of White Shadows comes from many sources of inspiration. The black tone represents the darkness that covers exactly like the game world of Limbo, the player moves in two dimensions in a three-dimensional world like that of Little Nightmares nice Inside, and a story about a barren, dead, and violent world with its little protagonist.

However, White Shadows is a product with many values ​​of its own, not simply a “plagiarized” game!

Players will follow Raven Girl, a little crow girl who wakes up in a city full of black, she doesn’t know what happened to her, and now she stands up to find answers.

The more she explores, the more she realizes this is a dystopian land of pigs, dogs, mice, and birds like her. All live in a suffocating and dark world.

Everything in the world is in darkness, so any light sources in the game are valuable, but the way they are arranged in the game is bleak and weak. Players will gradually get used to the darkness, and get used to the silence of this world, only to be torn apart by light and noise.

The glimmer of light from airplanes, trains, billboards, and oppressive propaganda posters will gradually make players feel “hate”.

The light is accompanied by the shrill sounds of trains, the cynical propaganda, the sick squeals of pigs forced to take a bath in the morning to continue working.

The resigned silence of the pigs, telling themselves that even though they are miserable, they are still a higher class than the crows, the silence of the black crows is oppressed by the whole society, and the silence silence of the rulers above.

White Shadows is a game of contrasts – when black is the light of the cursed in a cursed society, and white is just the darkness that envelopes them – light is a prison, and darkness is freedom.

White Shadows tells their bleak but loving story through that world – the Monokel team can be seen as genuinely interested in the world they built.

From houses, walkways, pipes … silent in the dark to trains with bright lights roaring day and night, or deafening propaganda posters and banners. Every detail, every light source, every sound that this world creates is taken care of with the utmost care to make players better able to immerse themselves in this world.

White Shadows

The game is heavily inspired by the Art-Deco style of BioShock, as well as many of the Steampunk designs that make this familiar world shrouded in darkness make the game’s world all the more compelling.

And once immersed in this world, players will experience a somewhat familiar but haunting story about the desire for freedom and the illusion of the ruling class placed on workers, as well as groups of people. various disadvantages in society.

White Shadows broke out of the shadow of their predecessors to tell a very personal story, with a specific identity, and they succeeded.

White Shadows break out of the shadow of previous titles to tell a very personal story, with a specific identity….


White Shadows

Try A Little More!

There’s no denying that the story the game tells and the world the game creates is excellent, without any meaningful mechanics to highlight in the narrative.

Specifically, the game also goes in the direction of puzzles, avoiding enemies like Limbo, Inside and game series Little Nightmares, but the game has never really been too challenging in those parts. The game’s puzzles are relatively simple and revolve around pushing and pulling boxes to jump higher or pulling levers to rearrange the environment. The game’s most complex puzzle is simply rearranging a ladder.

White Shadows

The arrangement of these puzzles really doesn’t affect how the plot translates, there’s no intense chases mixed with brain-nerving puzzles, no plot twisting to find solutions, the puzzle of White Shadows feel like they were put in place to look like a “game”, and since most of them are relatively simple, the writer really feels they’re superfluous.

This is quite sad because the game does a great job of leading its story without those puzzles, making them unnecessary minus points.

…the game does a great job of telling its story without those puzzles, making them unnecessary minuses….

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