Why was the angel Mohito smiling when Universe 9 was wiped out?

Why was the angel Mohito smiling when Universe 9 was wiped out?

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2022-11-11 17:18:54

The disappearance of a universe would be a great tragedy but the angel of Universe 9 smiled when his own Universe 9 was wiped out, why?

Dragon Ball Super’s Survival Saga universe was supposed to be dramatic for everyone involved. Any team that loses in the Tournament of Power will be completely wiped out. Although the cost is huge, not everyone feels panic and confusion when they lose their universe. Take the angel Mohito for example, who smiled when his Universe 9 was completely wiped out in Episode 98. This could be because the Angel is exonerated, but something seems to appear in the smile. his complacency. It’s hard to say exactly what he’s thinking, but there are hints throughout the film that could open fans up to multiple theories.

It is often assumed that Mohito smiles because he is glad to see his universe disappear. Out of the 12 existing universes, Universe 9 has the lowest Level of Life and Death. This means that the qualities of mortals and the lives they live are the least satisfying of any previous universe. In this universe, qualities like kindness and all civilizations become corrupt and corrupt. Mohito’s smile after seeing his universe obliterated may be his silent way of praying for his universe to be free of its burden.

We still don’t have much information about Universe 9, but it is understandable that this place is not really good for all things to live peacefully anymore. Bergamo calls the universe a “vaporizing pile of garbage” and considers existence in it a badge of honor. There are several photographs of the universe itself that show civilizations dying, and this is why Mohito feels so angry. Many members of Team Universe 9 appear as sadistic and obsessed with other luxuries. Even Kai Roh is slowly being destroyed, although their God of Destruction Sidra seems relatively benevolent. According to Toei’s character bio for Mohito, he considers both of them losers anyway. Obviously, Mohito’s disdain for his universe is justifiable and justified, not to mention making a lot of money in this universe in the tournament.

It should also be noted that Mohito had a different reaction to seeing Universe 9 wiped out. Instead of smiling, he just sighed, this could be out of relief or frustration. Or it could also be the disappointment that his team has taken a beating, something he only shows in earnest in the anime version. Mohito as a character is still quite a mystery. No matter what, Mohito still thinks Roh and Sidra are losers. Hopefully the author will exploit many of these characters so that in the near future we will have many unexpected twists.

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