Wife discovered her husband of 25 years had a second family on Facebook

2022-09-22 20:32:54

The wife only discovered the shocking truth about her husband after setting up a new Facebook account.

The New York Post reported that an unnamed woman (referred to as A) living in the US was completely devastated after discovering her husband had a secret second family.

The two have been married for 25 years, have three children, and their time together is described by A as “wonderful”.

According to A, her husband works as a broker at a reputable insurance company in the US, so he often has to work all week. Life went on normally until A set up a new Facebook account, she searched her husband’s account and discovered he had another account with a different surname.


A wrote in a post on Reddit:

“He has a wife and two children of his own, both in their teens. My husband is currently staying with the aforementioned family and I know it’s him because the most recent post was a picture of him having dinner with the other family. I completely down.

Part of me wanted to scream at him, scold him for ruining my life. But the other part wants to pretend to know nothing and ignore it. Because my life is very peaceful. He is good to our children, he is the main source of income, he loves me. But he also dedicates it to other families.”

A wanted to run away from home but eventually gave up because one of her three children knew about the story. After A’s post went viral on Reddit, many people advised A that she should collect a lot of evidence to sue her husband.

In the latest update post in mid-September, A said that she blocked her way to question her husband just when he was about to go to his own family.

“He started crying and begging and was really pitiful. I cried too, but I decided to think of him as pathetic for causing this. I also contacted the other woman, explained the situation to her and now she is equally distraught. As far as I know, she is financially independent and does not share assets with my husband.” A recalls.

A said her husband had to move to a hotel near her house and A was discussing with a lawyer how to divide the property.

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