Wild Rift China completely bans emulator players…

Wild Rift China completely bans emulator players…


2021-12-21 15:57:20

Wild Rift China doesn’t seem like a good place for game emulators.

One of the most controversial issues for the mobile Esports community is the emergence of game emulators on PC. For example, like PUBG Mobile or any other shooting game, playing on PC emulators always brings a lot of advantages over players on pure mobile platforms (until PUBG Mobile was released). are segregated between dedicated emulator and mobile servers).

For League: Wild Rift, this is no exception. Although many veteran players have affirmed that playing a mobile MOBA game on emulators is sometimes more difficult than playing on regular mobile, experiencing mobile games on a different platform “seems like bring more comfort”, in a highly antagonistic sport, is still what causes the community to be divided into many opposing opinions.

However, for the Chinese region alone, League of Legends: Wild Rift gamers do not seem to have the opportunity to experience such controversies, because emulators in this region are almost “boycotted”. ” thoroughly. Although there is no official recommendation on prohibiting players from using emulators, in fact, playing Wild Rift through these software is listed as “using 3rd party software” and will be very fast. handled quickly.

Recently, a blogger who claims to be “for the first time knowing Wild Rift”, posed a question about why there are so few people playing games on emulators, and why the gaming community here shows prejudice against playing games on emulators? This blogger’s thesis is that the emulator will bring benefits to gamers who have the need to play games but the phone configuration is not strong enough, or the elderly have difficulty adapting to the way the game controls. Touch controls on mobile devices.

Next, this blogger conducted an experience of playing Wild Rift on a PC emulator. However, he received the bitter fruit very quickly, when all 3 accounts created with the emulator when logging in were immediately locked. At the first login, the server system immediately gives an account lock message. On the 3rd login, this blogger finally successfully accessed, but was in the “Newbie Tutorial” stage, and received a message that the account was banned for 1 hour.

Wild Rift

Wild Rift

This blogger encountered a lot of obstacles when trying to play Wild Rift with emulators

There will be no doubt that if this blogger continues to log into Wild Rift on the emulator, his account will receive even more severe penalties. What makes the gaming community feel most impressive is the fact that the server system of China Wild Rift seems to operate extremely quickly and accurately, when it only takes less than half an hour to scan the files. simulated usage account.

It seems that the operating criteria of League: Wild Rift Chinese server is quite clear: Called Esports mobile, it is best to let it operate on mobile. Any method that is claimed to be “reducing the inconvenience of the control system and game experience”, will be attributed to cheating, because Esports should have the same starting point, not the same thing. It is not possible because you feel inconvenient that looking for a more profitable way of playing the game than others.

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