Write an essay about yourself to convince a university in your country

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Being an international student is the dream of many of you. For more suggestions when writing an essay to convince a foreign university to grant you a scholarship to study abroad, please refer to the article in the 10th Literature program, Canh Kite, Semester I below!

Write an essay about yourself to convince a university abroad to give you a scholarship to study abroad

Essay about yourself to convince a university abroad to give you a scholarship to study abroad

I. Outline essay writing about yourself to convince foreign universities to grant scholarships to study abroad:

1. Opening lesson: Leading and raising the problem of the article: Desire to receive a scholarship to study at a foreign university.

2. Body:
– Briefly introduce yourself (name, age, grade,…).
– Express your wishes:
+ Studied at the Faculty of Medicine.
– State your own strengths to convince foreign universities:
+ Good communication skills in English.
+ Excellent academic record.
+ Energetic, enthusiastic, actively participate in volunteer activities.
– Commit to well and strictly implementing the university’s rules and requirements for international students.

3. Conclusion:
– Affirm your aspirations and commitments about your capacity and responsibilities during your studies at the university.
– Say thank you to the university.

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Essay about yourself to convince a university abroad to give you a scholarship to study abroad

II. Sample essay about yourself to convince a foreign university to give you a scholarship to study abroad:

Dear Yale University Board of Trustees!

My name is Nguyen Quang Hung, a student at Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted.

Through the school’s announcement, I learned that your school is providing scholarships for foreign students. Therefore, I write this essay with the desire to become one of the lucky international students to study at the school.

As far as I know, Yale University is the oldest university in the US. Here, many famous researchers, scientists and celebrities in the world have been fostered and trained. Reading the outstanding achievements of the school, I always aspire to study and develop in this wonderful environment.

After reading the criteria set out by your school, I feel that I am completely suitable and qualified to apply. First of all, I am studying at the most famous and prestigious specialized school in Hanoi. This place has become a training cradle for thousands of excellent students and an abundant source of talent for the country. Therefore, I confidently assert that I am also one of the excellent and comprehensive students. My final score of all subjects is always above 9.0. Especially the Biology subject with a perfect score. I have participated and won the first and second prizes in two big competitions, the city-level competition for excellent students and the national competition for excellent students in Biology. In particular, in the International Biology Olympiad in 2021, she won a silver medal. I think that this outstanding achievement is a plus point to help me put my name on the list of students who will study at Yale University’s Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

To prepare for studying abroad in the future, I have seriously studied, improved my grammar and ability to communicate in English. Currently, I have been granted a foreign language certificate by the British Council with a score of 8.5. I can listen, speak, read and write in English fluently. Every day, I still regularly contact and chat with friends around the world through an online platform. In addition, I passed the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) by an impressive number of 1520 SAT.

Besides studying, I also spend time participating in volunteering and social activities. She regularly participates in volunteer activities at SOS Children’s Village every Saturday and Sunday. Here, I and my friends, brothers and sisters teach children, organize fun and exchange activities. By participating in social activities, I understand more things in life. At the same time, have for yourself valuable lessons and experiences. She also actively participates in art and sports clubs at school and also achieved some outstanding achievements.

For a long time, I dreamed of becoming a talented doctor. Knowing that Yale University is one of the most famous medical schools in the world, I always nurtured the dream of studying at the school. I hope that, with my constant efforts and the wonderful learning environment at Yale, I can realize my burning passion. If my application is reviewed and I have the opportunity to attend the school, I guarantee that I will strictly comply with all the rules and regulations that the school has set.

I hope to receive a reply from you soon.

Thank you very much!

Hanoi, October 28, 2022

Nguyen Quang Hung

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – END – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

https://thuthuat.taimienphi.vn/hay-viet-bai-luan-ve-ban-than-de-thuyet-phuc-mot-truong-dai-hoc-o-nuoc-ngoa-cap-hoc-bong- du-hoc-cho-em-72395n.aspx
If you want to become an international student, in your essay about yourself, you need to highlight outstanding and convincing achievements. In addition to the above article, you can read other 10th grade sample essays:
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