Xiaomi will inject more than 15 billion USD into technology and game R&D activities

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2022-01-02 13:16:17

INTERNATIONAL_ Xiaomi is still a brand close to the user community through smartphone models that are affordable for many people.

The sole purpose is to provide more product at a cheaper price. While this strategy has helped the company quite well since its inception, Xiaomi knows that to sustain its growth, it must stay ahead of its competitors. That’s why they continue to invest and may increase the price of the product a bit.

Xiaomi Chairman and Founder Lei Jun announced that the company’s R&D investment target in the next 5 years is increased to 100 billion yuan, about 15 billion USD. The company’s previous announcement from a few years ago had put the amount at 50 billion yuan but the perfect increase was twofold.

The CEO further revealed that 22 billion yuan has been invested in the past 2 years and Xiaomi now has 16,000 engineers, which means everything is going smoothly and according to plan. All of that is being done to “meet the expectations of Mi Fans”.

The money poured into R&D includes the development technology, games and of course the smartphone segment that make up the brand for the company.

Xiaomi 12 with self-developed CyberFocus and Image Brain technology promises a new step forward in serving the needs of gamers with much faster processing speed.

Lei Jun said that from this year, small flagship smartphones will be the continuation of Xiaomi
series of digital production and “one large and one small double” to compete comprehensively and directly with Apple’s iPhone.

Regarding the company’s Surge chip, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has released Surge S1, C1 and P1 chips, and will certainly continue to increase investment in R&D. Xiaomi will strengthen its chip business to be autonomous and create its own breakthrough.

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