Zac is finally nerfed, K’Sante is ‘hammered’ in version 13.3

Zac is finally nerfed, K’Sante is ‘hammered’ in version 13.3


2023-02-02 03:09:14

Updates in version 13.3 have been revealed, among them, Zac, K’Sante and Amumu are three Tank champions that will be nerfed by Riot.

After many days of waiting, Riot has finally announced the details of changes in the upcoming version 13.3. This version will also include changes in version 13.2 that Riot had to delay because of a previous “cyber attack”.

In this version 13.3, Riot pays special attention to the champions who are being too overpowered in recent times. Out of the 4 nerfed champions, there are 3 Tank champions, Amumu, Zac, and K’Sante, who are in Riot’s sights. In addition, Riot will also reduce the effectiveness of ganks in the Early Game, and make the turret situation more dangerous than before.

Zac, Amumu, K’Sante in Riot’s sights in patch 13.3

“In this patch, we’re starting to see rewards from ganking and farming, as well as turrets. While there’s still a lot of work to be done for the jungle position, we want to aim for early ganks, especially bot lane.” Phroxzon shared when Riot increased the damage of Turrets from 162 – 344 to 182 – 350. It can be seen that shots from Turrets in the early game will now be extremely high quality and force opponents to be cautious. Watch out if you want to get out early.

In addition, Riot has also adjusted a number of factors to reduce the effectiveness of early ganks:

Jungle Equipment:

  • Gold can be obtained from Food Reserve reduced from 30 to 20.
  • Experience gained from killing Big Monsters increased from 75 to 85.

Totem Eyes:

  • Cooldown reduced from 240 – 120 seconds to 210 – 120 seconds.

Strong junglers in early ganking like Zac, Amumu will also be nerfed in this version. Especially Zac when this champion is so strong that the win rate is always in the top in all three positions of Top, Jungle and Mid. With Amumu, the Sorrowful Mummy also proved to be strong in the Jungle and Support positions with a high win rate.


Skill W – Unstable:

  • Damage reduced from 4%/100 Ability Power to 3%/100 Ability Power.

Skill E – Slingshot:

  • Damage reduced from 60 – 260 (+90% Ability Power) to 60 – 240 (+80% Ability Power).


Skill Q – Bandage Throw:

  • Mana cost increased from 40 – 60 to 45 – 65.

Skill E – Anger:

  • Damage reduced from 80 – 200 to 65 – 205.

The champion with the heaviest nerf in patch 13.3 called K’Sante. Although the win rate is only 48% in Solo Queue mode, K’Sante is truly a monster when it comes to high skill players, especially in the professional arena.


Skill Q – Spirit Ntofo:

  • Knockdown duration reduced from 1 second to 0.65 seconds.
  • Stun duration reduced from 1 – 1.125 seconds to 1 second.

Skill W – Paving:

  • Stun duration reduced from 0.35 – 0.75 seconds to 0.3 – 0.5 seconds.

Skill R – Play Dry:

  • Resist loss loss increased from 65% to 85%

With this heavy-handed nerf, K’Sante will not be able to keep his superior strength as before, opening up opportunities for other Top lane champions in the top arena of League of Legends. With this series of tweaks, the meta in all three major areas of the map, Top, Jungle, and Bottom, will have a big shift in patch 13.3, which will officially land on February 8.

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